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Each year, IAM facilitates medical and surgical trips near Ferrier, Haiti. The primary purpose of these trips is to provide rural villages in Haiti with medical care while educating Haitians on subjects such as hypertension, diabetes, and nutrition.

These trips give us the opportunity to not only provide dependable healthcare but to also help cultivate an environment of education which will help to facilitate the growth of Haitian doctors and nurses.


Due to the lack of government funded hospitals and available healthcare, our solution has been to take these clinics to the people. IIAM is able to treat between 1,300 and 1,500 patients annually through our medical trips.

Our doctors treat a large range of medical problems including malnourishment, skin conditions, hypertension, dehydration and diabetes. On surgical trips, IAM performs more than 50 surgical procedures in 4 days. Some of the procedures we are able to perform include hernia repairs, circumcisions, mastectomies, removal of soft tissue masses, oophorectomies, hemorrhoid surgery, vasectomies and the occasional emergency cesarean section.

Both medical and non-medical personnel are needed for missions. If you are a physician, surgeon, resident, CRNA, nurse, PA, NP, scrub tech or a surgical first assistant who has a desire to serve and heart for giving, we would love to have you on an upcoming trip.



an average of 1,300 to 1,500 patients are treated annually.


While on our trips, IAM teams are able to spend time with the girls in the orphanage where we stay, as well as visit the nearby children’s village. Each trip we try to make time to have a party for the kids while we are there. The children enjoy the treats, candy and toys we give them, however, they enjoy the love and attention we give them the most.



This year’s medical trip was in Ferrier, Haiti, where the team saw over 1,000 patients! In anticipation of the permanent medical clinic we are working to open in Ferrier, our medical teams began treating these patients in order to start giving and teaching the kind of care we’re excited to introduce to the area. Guibert, another city in Haiti where IAM has a presence, has a high level of health and overall nutrition and wellness, as we’ve been working with the community for nearly 20 years. Our work in Ferrier will hopefully lead to higher percentage of overall health as we’re able to continue our treatment in the coming years.


This year’s surgical trip to Ferrier, Haiti was an incredibe success! The team performed nearly 60 surgeries for adults and children alike – more than ever before. What’s more, Dr. Betsy Washburn, a breast surgeon and oncologist, attended with the group and saw to multiple high priority breast cases.


Our team was able to evaluate and treat close to 1000 patients during our week. We ran clinics in both Gilbert and Drouin. We also ran blood pressure clinics in both locations, and were able to add about 25 new patients at each location. During the week we evaluated many patients with generalized illnesses, with many skin and systemic infections identified and treated. Several patients with previously undiagnosed cancers were discovered, and we were able to arrange appropriate follow up for these patients. We also had the opportunity to work with Magnelie, our Haitian physician, again this year. She is truly a blessing to our group, and is working more seamlessly with our team. She is a great ambassador for the Haitian people, and is an inspiration to those of us who only make our periodic trips to Haiti. The team worked great together, with everyone helping out wherever help was needed. This made for another successful trip this year.



IAM’s first urology specific surgical trip was a success. Thanks to the services of Georgia Urologist, David Banks, we were able to treat 12 patients with chronic urinary retention due to enlarged prostates, relieve symptoms of a man with advanced prostate cancer and cure a young man with a urological complication. All patients are reportedly doing well and are on their way to a life-changing recovery. We give all the praise to God for orchestrating a team of such amazing, hard-working individuals, and we look forward to working with the urology team again on future surgical trips. We are already planning the next urology trip for the 2018.