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Our mission is to facilitate gospel-centric partnerships and sustainable medical services for the least reached in Haiti.

At IAM, we envision a dynamic healthcare community that will aid the growth of Haitian doctors and nurses, as well as year round support from medical professionals from around the world to care for, teach and help facilitate a sustainable healthcare system in Haiti.

IAM is currently working to build a permanent medical facility near Ferrier, Haiti that will help to aid in the growth and education of healthcare in the area.



IAM (International Allied Missions) is a 501c3 non-profit service ministry dedicated to building a permanent hospital in Haiti. We currently provide medical and surgical care through a mobile clinic. In addition, IAM provides year around blood pressure management for over 250 patients and supply school lunches for a primary school in Monthier, Haiti.



30 Years of Medical Mission Experience

In Haiti Makes a Difference

In 1986, founder James Spruill visited Haiti for the first time. During his time there, he developed a relationship with Haitian pastor Edner Paul. Spruill saw how Pastor Paul, an indigenous leader, was making a tangible impact in the lives of people living in extreme poverty. This friendship led to a lifelong commitment to serve Haiti and to the establishment of International Allied Missions (IAM).

Since Spruill’s first visit, he has seen a partnership with one church grow into nine churches, four schools, three children’s homes, and yearly medical mission trips. The current focus of IAM is to build a permanent medical clinic in Haiti, to facilitate year round medical and surgical trips while also helping to aid in the growth of Haitian doctors and nurses.

With over 30 years of established relationships, credibility and mission experience, IAM has and will continue to make an impact in Haiti through medical and surgical missions. Our aim is to cultivate a sustainable healthcare system through service and education, thereby empowering Haitians to help serve their communities.



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Christina Parkhurst

President and Surgical Director

Although her first mission trip to Haiti was in 1993, her relationship with IAM began when she was a child through her church Agape Fellowship. Growing up Christina helped with fundraisers, trip preparation and whatever else she was allowed to do in support of the organization. On her first trip, she fell in love with the Haitian people, and she says “The profound need of medical care in Haiti inspired me to pursue my dream of being a physician.”

In 1996, IAM began taking medical missions trips to Haiti, and slowly began to evolve and encompass preventative care and minor surgical procedures. Once Christina completed her surgical residency in 2010, she became IAM’s Surgical Director, propelling forward the surgical aspect to these medical trips.

Under her guidance, IAM has been able to perform major surgical procedures while continuing to focus on preventative care and treatment of chronic illness in Haiti.


“I have remained involved with IAM because I believe it is my calling. The Haitians I have worked with over the years have become my family and I will continue to support them and provide ongoing medical and surgical care as long as I am able.”

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Jodie Thomas

Vice President
Registered Nurse, Urology


“God got me involved, and used my sister to do it. I stay because I get to be a part of something huge God is doing in Haiti!”

betsywashburn copy.jpg

Betsy Washburn

Breast Oncology Surgeon


“I love that I can use my talents to help so many people who otherwise would have no surgical care. Every year people with a multitude of varying ailments find their way to our clinics. I keep going because it allows me to see God’s amazing power in our everyday actions and work.”

madelineboulware copy_crop.jpg

Madeline Boulware

Admin Director, Acting Treasurer
Registered Nurse, O.R.


“I quickly fell in love with the Haitian people, the work IAM was doing there and the IAM family. I felt a deep need to continue to use my medical knowledge to help better the lives of those with limited access to healthcare. I feel like God has been leading me to this organization, to Haiti and the people we meet there.”


 Board Members


Chris Huesgen

IAM Medical Director
Emergency Medicine Physician


“I got involved with Haiti 22 years ago as an invitation from a friend, and I fell in love the people. I continue to be involved because I can see a difference (in small but meaningful ways) in the health in the communities we serve. I admire the commitment of those that are involved in this ministry, and truly enjoy the friendships I have made over the years.“


Molly Horan

Medical Team Leader
Registered Nurse


“I got involved with IAM in 2010 through friends of Dieula Paul’s son who put me in touch with Dieula. I am constantly amazed by the strength and faith of the Haitian people despite the constant struggle they face on a daily basis and it is because of this that I continue to go back year after year. I also love the IAM team.”


Ryan Swafford

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist


“I made my first trip in 2006 after graduating from college, and have been on 12 missions trips total. I continue to work in Haiti because I feel God led me down the path of health care to help others and his people. It’s the love and gratitude of the Haitian people that make going and serving so rewarding.”


Sarah Steele

Registered Nurse, Infusion


“Fellow board member Faye Harlin invited me on my first trip in 2017. I have been back every year since then, working in PreOP and PACU while there in Haiti. I continue to go back because it’s the best version of being a nurse there is. I love the IAM team.”

brittnayblackman copy.jpg



Registered Nurse, Labor + Delivery


 “I found out about IAM when I first traveled to Haiti on an evangelical mission trip to share Jesus with my church. I met Dieula and she shared with me about the medical trip that IAM went on annually. I had always wanted to go on a medical mission trip, to truly help the people of Haiti, as well as communicate with them as I speak French. My first trip was in 2016 and I've been every year since!”


Henry Brown

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist


“I have worked with IAM since 2011 and continue to do so because I believe this organization is doing something good for the people of Haiti, and I like being a part of that. The people of Haiti deserve that. And God calls us to do unto others as we would have done to ourselves.” 

serriathomas copy.jpg

Serria Thomas

PR Manager at UNTUCKit in NYC


“I got involved with IAM after seeing the incredible work my mom and aunt did on their trips with the group. I watched the Haitian people and God affect them both in such a profound and genuine way that it was hard to ignore. I took my first trip with my aunt in 2013 and have been involved with various brand development and organization ever since. Now, with my aunt's recent passing, I'll continue to work with IAM in her honor, alongside my mom.”


Ginny Tacker

Registered Nurse


“I got involved with IAM after the earthquake in 2010. It was heartbreaking to see the images of the devastation and suffering. I went on the missions trip the next year, and have been back every year since then with the exception of one. As a nurse who is no longer involved in direct patient care in the United States, I enjoy the surgical trips and being part of a team that helps care of patients both pre- and post-operatively.”


Faye Harlin

Registered Nurse


“I’ve always had a heart for medical missions and want to use my nursing skills in an area that lacked adequate medical care. I’ve been on 8 mission trips since 2008. Seeing God’s provisions, the spirit and thankfulness of the Haitian people, and the difference we’ve made in their lives keep me coming back.”

Clay Harlin


“ I have made multiple trips since 2007; what we experienced while on that first medical mission captured my heart. I participated in pastor conferences, put roofs on earthquake damaged houses, and served in medical missions. Each time I have seen the progress God has made with the resources IAM has given to helping the Haitian people. It is a privilege to be part of a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and other professionals who are now committed to building a teaching hospital in Haiti.”